Amethyst & Selenite Crystal Duo - Jasmine Moon
Amethyst & Selenite Crystal Duo - Jasmine Moon

Amethyst & Selenite Crystal Duo

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To complete your Home Protection Crystal Grid, or to just carry around with you on the go. Each set comes with one Selenite log and one Amethyst chunk to be placed along the perimeter for extra protection and strengthening of the grid in openings. My preference is to place one set on each windowsill of the home. You may choose to only use one set in between each of the four corners of the Home Protection Grid.

Amethyst // Diffuses anger and frustration by promoting calmness and peace. Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra which creates a connection to the spiritual realm; making it a wonderful choice for meditation. Amethyst is known to aid symptoms of insomnia and many keep a piece near their bedside.

Selenite // Favored for its connection with the moon, and Moon Goddess. Like the moon, it reflects a pure white light energy into the space it inhabits. It helps calm and stabilize erratic emotions, while stimulating the upper chakras. Selenite offers a divine connection, acting as a cosmic doorway to the spiritual realm in communing with angels and guides. 

Comes in small muslin bag filled with house blend of salts, herbs, and resin that can be sprinkled on window sill or placed in a bowl, used for a protection sachet, or made into a floor wash.