Venus Crystal Bundle - Jasmine Moon
Venus Crystal Bundle - Jasmine Moon

Venus Crystal Bundle

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A crystal bundle for a connection to Venus. A Rose Quartz for its affinity for all matters in dealing with love, a Selenite Rose as it is the flower of Venus and her cosmic cycle, and Celestite as it is a Gemini crystal to help you through the Venus in Gemini transit. 

Selenite offers a divine connection, acting as a cosmic doorway to the spiritual realm in communing with angels and guides.

Rose Quartz gives its gentle pink energy to help open the heart and tend to emotional wounds. It promotes self nurturing and comfort while inspiring love. In doing this work for your heart center, Rose Quartz helps give us the capacity to love not only ourselves, but those around us.

Celestite brings peace and tranquility to the emotional body by defusing fiery tempers. It brings its owner clarity of the mind and clear communication skills, especially within the spiritual realm.

Crystals will be intuitively chosen for you.