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Sleepy Eye Meditation Mist - Jasmine Moon

Sleepy Eye Meditation Mist

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Grab a mug of Sleepy Eye Tea and Glycerite, get cozy, and relax into the whimsical, deep blue abyss. This mist will take you into a relaxing trance, perfect for your meditation practice, rituals, or sleep. Scent is reminiscent of a lavender and chamomile swirl.

Close your eyes, spray one mist overhead, and feel the mist gently fall over you. Breathe in the sweet scent of soothing and calming energy. Let the energy of each stone and oil flow through you and reset your mental and emotional state. When needed, it may be used to cleanse your personal crystals. You may, also, mist it onto your linens right before bed.

Each mist bottle contains cleansed and charged mini crystals. The stones not only give their energy to the water, but act as a binaural sound while mixing the water and oils.

All batches are created on a MOONday  in ceremony with the highest intentions for you.

Comes in a four ounce spray bottle.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Essential Oil Blend, Cleansed and Charged Crystals, Witch Hazel.

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