Selenite Hexagon Slab - Jasmine Moon
Selenite Hexagon Slab - Jasmine Moon
Selenite Hexagon Slab - Jasmine Moon

Selenite Hexagon Slab

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Selenite has long been a choice crystal for its connection with the moon, and Moon Goddess. Like the moon, it reflects a pure white light energy into the space it inhabits. It helps calm and stabilize erratic emotions, while stimulating the upper chakras. Selenite offers a divine connection, acting as a cosmic doorway to the spiritual realm in communing with angels and guides.

The hexagon is one of the most stable and efficient geometric shapes. It makes an appearance throughout space, nature, and religion. It is in the Star of David; it can be see in honeycombs; a hexagon cloud can even be found on Saturn (my favorite!). Although 6 sided, hexagons are rooted in the number three. The number of the Goddess. The number of the Empress. The number of the Holy Trinity. The number three, and thus this hexagon, are symbolic of creation, abundance, the divine, and strength. . The Selenite Hexagon is a wonderful way to bring a divine symbol into your home, to be used on your altar or anywhere you see fit.

Personally, I love this for ancestor altars as Selenite has a connection with the spirit realm, and the hexagon speaks to the connection to our ancestors through space and time.

Use a selenite slab as an offering on your altar, or as a charging surface for all your crystals and jewels.