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Home Protection Crystal Grid Kit

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A set of crystals to place a large grid around the perimeter of your home for protection and warding off negative energy. 

Each kit comes with 4 Black Tourmaline crystals, 4 Quartz points, 2 ounces of herb blend, muslin bag, written instructions for setting grid.

Black Tourmaline // A talisman of protection and a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies. Black Tourmaline absorbs conflicting and negative thoughts and energy into positive usable energy.

Quarts Points // The master-healer crystal that amplifies the properties of other crystals. Within the grid it channels energy through its points and into the tourmaline.

Comes in a muslin bag filled with a two ounce house blend of herbs, flowers, barks, salts, and resin. It can be used as a carrying bag for any crystals, a protection sachet to be hung in the home, earth offerings for your altar, made into a floor wash, or sprinkled around the perimeter of the home to sweep up during cleansing rituals.