Jasmine Moon Apothecary is a magical, small batch online shop founded in 2018. Striving to bring ethically sourced, handcrafted offerings to you and your sacred spaces. Always crafted in ceremony and with quality ingredients to ensure the highest vibrational offerings. Jasmine Moon uses intuitive herbal recipes with an Southern Italian folk twist. There is a little something for everyone's self care and ritual needs.

Erminia, the owner, visiting her family's hometown in Italy.

Barefoot on the grass, star gazing, and getting to know every part of the little ecosystem that was my backyard- that is where it all started. Even though life brought me through many phases, here I am once again barefoot on the ground, eyes on the sky, and cultivating a small medicinal garden. Getting back to my roots and gaining knowledge on plant allies has been a journey that has just begun. The first stirrings of Jasmine Moon came about during my earliest days of my esoteric practice. With a small chest of herbs, salts, and oils, my first variation of Full Moon Rocks was created. This is how the name of my little apothecary came to fruition- an offering to the moon to help me get through one of the toughest times of my life. The scent was, of course, profiled around the wonderful flower Jasmine. From here years of study led me to the formation of my own eroboristeria, an herbal apothecary. My vision was to lace together my passion for the occult, astrology, and the healing medicine of plants. You will find a mix of herbal remedies and "self-care" offerings. Two of the biggest changes I made for my own well-being was, living with intention, and honoring and appreciating mother nature. This is why I have brought these elements into my practice of herbal remedies. Each collection is made in ceremonially blessed small batches, solar infused, and made in accordance with the lunar cycle.